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Digital media, commerce, gaming, socialization and productivity solutions are now essential components of people’s lives. There are many intriguing success and failure stories in new digital service ventures. The curiosity though remains as how they did it?! This course aims to offer the scientific foundations of analysis, design, development and operation of innovative digital services and to shed light on the elements of their success and failure. The course also provides an experience of combined team-based design, engineering, and entrepreneurship.

The course material will be covered through lectures by instructor and invited speakers, in class activities, readings, and a group project. Throughout the term students will work within an interdisciplinary team of their peers to conceive an innovative digital service concept and produce a business model/plan and a working prototype. Ongoing design critiques are provided by class members and industry invitees. The course project outcomes will be showcased in a final event with participants from the campus and the investment community.

Term Project: In Fall 2017, the projects will focus on the emerging “Internet of Things and Data”.


  • Fundamentals of Internet of things and big data
  • Understanding the user-oriented design
  • Creating an innovative product offering
  • Technology enablers and requirements
  • Value proposition and core competency
  • Business models, unit economics and viability
  • Launch of services, promotion and product planning
  • Feedback, improvement, data analysis and BI

Time & Place

  • MW 14:00-15:30, Lectures
  • F 14:00-15:30, Even weeks, Feedback sessions
  • Moore Laboratory - Room B280