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DVD Collaborators in Fall 2015

Companies and Organizations

  1. IdeaLab - From ideas to successful companies
  2. Pasadena Angels - Accredited angel investors of Pasadena
  3. MakeInLA - Hardware startup accelerator.


  1. Susan Marki - PA, mentor
  2. Mark Son - PA, mentor
  3. Mustapha Baha - PA, mentor
  4. Ken Pickar - Faculty in Entrepreneurship, Caltech.

Caltech Organizations

  1. Caltech eclub - Caltech entrepreneurship club.
  2. Caltech Office of Technology Transfer - Responsible for the licensing and transfer of technologies from campus and JPL to the commercial sector.
  3. Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning and Outreach - Supports undergraduate and graduate courses and curricula, formal and informal learning, innovations in education.