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People in DVD - Fall 2015

Instructor: Farshad Lahouti

lahouti [AT]

Farshad Lahouti is a visiting professor of electrical engineering at the California Institute of Technology. He has more than fifteen years of experience with the mobile communications industry in research and development collaborations and roll out of new technologies and services. His research interests are in the areas of signal processing, coding and information theory and their applications. He also specializes in university technology transfer and entrepreneurship and management of higher education. At the IEEE, Farshad is an industrial relations officer and a senior member of the institute. He received the distinguished scientist award in 2014 from Academy of Sciences of Iran. Dr. Lahouti is a graduate of the University of Waterloo, the most entrepreneurial university of Canada.

TA: Minfa Wang

mwang5 [AT]

Minfa Wang is a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at California Institute of Technology. He has five years of programming experience with primary focus on machine learning and web development. He was one of the students in the first year of the digital venture design course and learnt most of entrepreneurial concepts from there. He has been keenly watching on start-up ideas and getting involved in the entrepreneurial domain since then. In the summer, he interned at a start-up company rolling out the first generation of the product.


  • LapTop Lock
  • WorkoutGenie
  • FreshenUp!