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Fall 2015 Events


  1. The 9th Annual Body Computing Conference @ University of Southern California, October 9, 2015 [Link]
  2. Wearable Tech and IoT LA, Pasadena Convention Center, September 28-29, 2015 [Link] **The two-day conference now offers 50% special discount to Caltech students** 

 Meet the Entrepreneur

The founders of the following startup companies will visit us in October and November. We will learn about their business, technology, entrepreneural challenges and strategies. The students will then report their analyses to the founders as live case studies.

  1. Chai Energy - Identifying ways to save on energy in home.
  2. Fitguard - Head injury awareness mouthgaurd for sports.
  3. MyFeel - Wearables for emotion monitoring.
  4. RideBlock - Track your skateboard tricks, learn and improve.